[[What must I write in the scope of the project?]]

For any project to start with either smaller or larger SOW and SOP play a prominent role in the successful completion of the project, because these two acts as a legal binding between the clients/stakeholders and the employees. 
Project scope is a tool which briefs the significant deliverables of the project which includes the key milestones, assumptions, constraints, and requirements. More of it is considered as a binding agreement among the team, clients, and stakeholders with the expected outputs. The client marks the project is successful or complete only when it meets the outlines mentioned in the scope of the project. One should thoroughly understand the potential limitations and restrictions such that they can meet the deliverables. This shall be very useful when we want to make changes to the project in the future. It helps in giving a clear idea of the deliverables that are in scope and out of scope. Below are the must include elements in the scope of the project :

Project Scope Objectives
Key Deliverables
Key Milestones
Risks involved
Stakeholders review & approval
Acceptance Criteria
Project Exclusions

There are various tools available to bring the best template for the scope of the project. Soon you are ready with the template, call for a meeting with the stakeholders. Should include project team members, the members having a stake in the project, customers and project sponsors. Finally document it in Microsoft word, if the organization has a specific word template the details can be easily copied as per the template.

If you are looking to create the best project scope template, follow the link below: 
[[<Create a project scope template with a free trial> https://www.matchware.com/free-trial?filename=mindview_en]]

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